TS Series: Foam Panel

Custom Air Handlers - TS Series

Thermal’s T² (TS) Series (Foam Panel) style of air handlers are constructed around a unitized aluminum frame and "true thermal break" foam panel. The flexibility of the foam panel design allows it to be shipped with minimal fasteners and completely knocked down for field assembly. This feature allows for retrofit applications where maximum section size is an issue.

F Series: Formed Frame

Custom Air Handlers - F Series

Thermal’s F Series (Formed Frame) air handlers are constructed around a unitized bolted frame. The flexibility of the design lends itself to a wide range of available sizes, configurations and ease of unit maintenance.

CF Series: Classic Welded Frame

Custom Air Handlers - CF Series

Thermal’s CF Series (Classic Welded Frame) air handlers are constructed around a welded formed frame. This type of unit is built to last and is able to sustain high static pressure with minimum structural deflection. CF Series are available in wide range of sizes and configurations.

T Series: Tubular Frame

Custom Air Handlers - T Series

Thermal’s T Series (Tubular Frame) of air handlers are constructed around a welded tubular frame. The flexibility of the tubular design lends itself to a rigid structural design with wide range of sizes and configurations. Tubular welded frame provides a customizable platform with an optimum balance in quality and value.

Component Selection: Fans, Filters, Mixing Box & Coil

Cooling & Mixing Selection

Fan Selection

Airfoil, Plenum • Motor Beside Configuration, Plenum • Motor Behind Configuration,

Blower Coil

Custom Air Handlers - Blower Coil

Thermal’s HBC (Horizontal Blower Coil) and VBC (Vertical Blower Coil) Series indoor air handling units provide solutions! Challenging applications and setups, those typically reserved for custom built equipment, like 100% dedicated outdoor air, filtration, dehumidification, energy recovery and reheat are a few of the solutions Thermal’s HBC and VBC Series will deliver. With multiple footprint options, pre-engineered models and flexible modular options, HBC and VBC Series provide quicker delivery times with flexible features, much more cost competitively than fully custom units.

OPTIONS: Each Thermal Corp HBC/VBC unit can be customized by selecting the appropriate predefined module or modules, to meet the most stringent project demands. The base HBC/VBC unit consists of a fan, coil and filter section. HBC/VBC series units are available without integral filter sections. From there, a pre-filter, electric heat, return/exhaust fan or humidifier module may be added as needed to meet specific project requirements. The flexibility of the HBC/VBC units allows for these modules to be added at later times, if budget, sizing or other factors facilitate that requirement. Since the modules are all constructed in the same manner, you can be assured that the unit will look and assemble seamlessly.

Tranquility Column Unit

Custom Air Handlers - Blower Coil

Thermal’s Tranquility Column Unit (TCU) is designed to mix multiple airstreams and provide the conditioned air to an underfloor space or plenum. The TCU series provides a very flexible approach to underfloor systems by utilizing a variety of options. Whether used as a primary booster, primary or supplemental cooling, dedicated outdoor air or a pre-treated, primary air stream mixed with space return air, the series will accommodate almost any underfloor application.

Model TCU includes:

  • Frame
  • Panels
  • Insulation
  • Access Doors
  • Fans and Motors
  • Filter Section (Optional)